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I am a total lover of color, and nothing excites me more than the reinvention of one’s personal expression thorough a new fashion season full of new color combinations!  While I am am firm believer that one should never follow trends, I have to say that this season I am becoming more and more attracted to the trending color palette that has taken shape.  I also completely fell in love with Prabal Gurung 2018 Spring show, and especially adored his ribbed knits that come in cerulean blue, grape, and egg yolk yellow, as well as his playful risks with plaid, too, clashing two different patterns on an attractive asymmetrically draped goddess dress.

However since I can’t afford Prabal yet, I recently  I scoped out H&M and Zara to take stock of affordable pieces to invest in for Spring that take inspiration from the runway.  I noticed that there were certain colors and color combinations that were especially powerful and visually pleasing.  In addition whenever I shop at H&M, I always highly suggest shopping in the ‘Trend’ section which is full of fabulous unique pieces that look straight off the runway!


YELLOW!  I have always loved yellow and adore every shade this season.  From Egg Yolk Yellow to Mountain Dew Yellow (or Lime Punch according to Panatone) I am in love with all the shades of this bold and joyful color!  It has been raining so much in the Bay Area that I had to buy this Asymmetric Flounce H&M dress to brighten up those grey skies.  I’m also obsessed with the H&M Studio geometric top and love the punchy use of yellow.  I hardly ever wear lavender, but I think a very fun new color combo could be lavender and lime punch together!!

I have never been a purple lover, but I adore the use of chiffon and lilac this season!  I especially love the pastel purple tones within a strong powerful monochrome suit or color blocked outfit.  I was so impressed when I went into Zara and noticed the styling of the tomato red blazer with lilac pants.  SWOON!  And not to mention I am obsessed with this Zara ultra violet skirt! And how great are the above Zara heels with shades of lilac, pinks and red combined?

I am much more of a skirt and dress kind of woman, but this season I am loving all of the monochrome blush pink outfits and pants.  Especially the satin palazzo pink pants.  There is something so feminine yet strong about a luxurious set of satin blush pink pants.  Thankfully I picked up a pair at H&M and will be showing you fun ways for styling them next well!

Lastly I can’t wait to translate these fun colors to my face!! I’m loving NYX’s Ultimate Palette and Glitter sets for Spring and having lots of fun experimenting with various shades of eyeshadow to match my outfits.  Not for the faint of hearted of everyday, but for a special occasion I think its really fun to create a runway inspired beauty look.

Comment below and tell me what colors you are most excited to wear this Spring!





  1. Seeing you going in a store and expressing your thoughts about the new trends throughout pictures and words, inspires me to be more creative! I always complain about the fact that I don’t have a photographer and some times I don’t post for days just because of that but seeing this really opens new ways to me! And yellow suits you amazingly nice! I don’t follow trends either and I love to see that I’m not the only one
    Stay inspired

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    1. Awww thank you so much for stopping by!! I also don’t have a photographer and mostly use a tripod to shoot! How do you take your pictures??? Would love to hear and learn more about your creative process because your work is amazing!!! Lots of love to you!


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