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Hi I’m Asha!
I live in the Bay Area with my awesome fiancee Jay and my cat Margot. I create an artful world of high quality directional and inspirational content through my fashion blog Ms Coffee and Cream, and also love cooking, people watching, and being close to nature.  I grew up in Palo Alto and have always naturally been a very artistic, expressive, dreamy type of person (classic INFP).  My Dad is Indian while my Mom is of French and Italian decent, so growing up I always felt conflicted about where I belonged culturally (coffee and cream is a reference to my multiracial heritage).
Art and fashion helped me so much in exploring my identity and expressing different sides of myself, and truly is kind of fun therapy for me.  I always thought I would be a painter and moved to London for college to pursue my passions in oil painting.  However, I spent most of my college years skipping art classes in favor of interning at fashion magazines and hopping across the channel to Paris for fashion weeks.  It was this hands on experience within the fashion world that truly sparked my desire to create my own narratives and photography using fashion as tool.  I did some modeling while in London, but began to realize that I hated being forced into someone else’s creative vision and only seen as an object.
I moved back to the Bay Area and began being so inspired by bloggers like Doina and Evangelie of Style Heroine that were true individuals making their mark on fashion.  After lots of thought and self doubt, I finally started an Instagram and experimented with taking pictures.  I had no photographer and really had to teach myself how to get the kinds of images I wanted through major trial and error.  To this day it is just me, my tripod and my iphone on most of my shoots.
If there is any advice I have to my younger self I would encourage her to stop worrying about what others might think and start that blog or that idea much sooner!  Blogging and putting myself out to the world has also increased my self confidence 100x and I hope that my words and images inspire other women and creatives to feel confident in taking new risks and daring to be themselves!


Let’s be close…

There are lots of ways to get in contact with me and follow along, from Instagram to Facebook.  Ms Coffee and Cream welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and has had the pleasure of working with a plethora of international brands in many different capacities like Fame and Partners, Dr. Roebucks and Absurda Eyewear. For your opportunity to align your brand with Ms Coffee and Cream, please email: